تقوم الجمعية بعد تدريب وتمكين الفئات المستهدفة بالتشبيك مع مؤسسات المجتمع المدني لتأمين فرص عمل

Training and Empowerment

تعمل الجمعية من خلال مشاريعها المتعددة على تدريب الفئات المستهدفة لتأهيلهم لدخول سوق العمل

Legal Support

يقدم  مشروع الإرشاد الأسري العديد من خدمات الإرشاد والتوجيه النفسي والاجتماعي والقانوني والصحي والتربوي

Our Goals

  • Train the families of poor families to access employment opportunities.
  • Enhance the productivity of poor households in targeted communities.
  • Educate and guide poor families in the social, economic and health fields, to address the problems of poverty and unemployment.
  • Establish effective partnerships with relevant social work institutions.
  • Build institutional capacity in line with corporate objectives, programs and activities.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of employees in line with the programs and institutional activities.
  • Tran and encourage youth in targeted communities to enter the labour market.
  • Strengthening the role of women in community development
  • Pre-school child education.

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Social, Psychological and Legal Services

The Family Guidance Center, an FDA project, deals with the women’s social, economic, health and family issues by providing orientation, awareness and guidance services along with psychological and legal support.